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NICARAGUA: In the Footsteps of Sandino 11 Days / 10 Nights
Central Pacific Region, Mountainous Region, North Pacific Region, South Pacific Region ;
Esteli, Granada City, Jinotega, Leon, Managua City, San Juan del Sur

Interest: Architecture, Beach, Colonial Cities, Culture, Handcrafts, History, Hot Springs, Nature, Recreational, Shopping, Volcanoes

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Places Visited on this Tour:
Managua City, Matagalpa, Hacienda San Jacinto, Jinotega City, San Rafael del Norte, San Sebastian of Yali Town, Bramadero Village, Esteli, Nueva Segovia: Ciudad Antigua, Leon City, San Jacinto Hot Springs,  Old Leon, Masaya Volcano National Park, Masaya Market, Granada City, Granada Islets, El Remanso Beach.

Accomodations in specified hotels or similars, land transfers, tours as described with entrance fees where required, meals according to the meal codes, local taxes, except for Departure Tax at the International Airport.

Not Included:
Airfare, not specified services, departure taxes, optional tours.

"We'll go towards the sun of freedom or to our death, and if we die, it won't matter because others will follow." Augusto C. Sandino

Learn the fascinating story of our Nicaraguan hero, Augusto C. Sandino, General of Free Men, who inspired one of the most significant revolutionary struggles  of all the Americas, the Nicaraguan Revolution (1979-1990), an event that surprised and moved the world. 

In the Footsteps of Sandino is an historical tour in which our visitors will learn part of the moving and beautiful but tragic history of Nicaragua, touching on the United States Marine occupations beginning in 1910, the popular uprising against the Anastasio Somoza dictatorship and the famous Contra War, directly linked to the Iran Contra Affair in the U.S. Congress in the 1980's. Nicaragua's recent history has inspired the solidarity of millions of people around the world; it's a history only a few have had a chance to learn at the scene of events, and now with this tour Nicaragua Getaway gives you that opportunity.  

"A man who does not demand even a small piece of land for his grave from his homeland deserves not only to be heard but also to be believed."  Augusto C. Sandino

Itinerary of Sandino's Route


Day 1:
Arrival in Managua. Welcome at the International Airport and transfer to the hotel
Lodging: Holiday Inn Hotel

Day 2:
Managua-Matagalpa-Jinotega. The tour starts with a history talk by a Sandinista leader, to help you place the figure and struggle of Sandino in the historical context of Nicaraguan history. We then set off to visit the most important sites of the city of Managua, which is also the capital city, where General Sandino, after signing a peace treaty, was betrayed by General Anastasio Somoza Garcia, founder of the National Guard as well as the Somoza Dynasty. The tour continues to the city of Matagalpa, a mountainous area in the northern part of the country, where Sandino's major battles were fought. Along the way we will make a stop at Hacienda San Jacinto, a national historical site where a group of brave Nicaraguans fought against William Walker's mercenary troops in 1856, an event  known in the history of Nicaragua as the National War.
Lodging at Hotel Cafe in the city of Jinotega.

Day 3:
Jinotega  - San Rafael del Norte. The city of Jinotega is also known as the City of Mist for its constant fog. On September 2, 1927, Sandino formed the Defending Army of National Sovereignty on the hill of El Chipote, where he had his general headquarters. This was the same army baptized by Argentinean writer Gregorio Selser as the "crazy little army."  It is in this same city, in the municipality of San Rafael del Norte, where Sandino met Blanca Arauz, the town's telephone operator, with whom he fell in love and married. The love of Sandino for Blanca has inspired many national songwriters. Lodging in Hotel Café in the city of Jinotega.   

Day 4:
Jinotega: Yali - Esteli. Departure to the town of San Sebastian of Yali in the Jinotega district, another center for many of Sandino's battles, where he launched his first Political Manifesto. After a scenic ride through the mountainous agricultural landscape, we will arrive at the beautiful village of Bramadero, which served as a containment barrier against American troops. Here we will visit the town's small museum and then  head towards the cities of Condega and heroic  Esteli, a city bombarded on three occasions by the National Guard during the war against the Somoza Dictatorship.
Lodging at Los Arcos Hotel in the city of Esteli. 

Day 5:
Nueva Segovia: Ciudad Antigua - Madriz: Somoto. We will go on into more of the colourful little towns where Sandino's crazy little armyhad a strong social base during the war - a social base that allowed them to successfully stave off the American invasion. Somoto is the cradle of the Mejia Godoy brothers (Carlos and Luis Enrique), the well-known songwriters of the Sandinista struggle.
Lodging at Los Arcos Hotel in the city of Esteli.

Day 6: 
Leon, colonial city. Along our route towards the city of Leon, the old capital of Nicaragua until 1851 and also cradle of great intellectuals and Nicaraguan revolutionaries, we will make a stop at San Jacinto Hot Springs, a wonder of nature and a living example of the volcanic forces at work in our country. Here we can also check out part of the volcanic chain that is one of our country's main attractions. Free afternoon in the city of León.                                          
Lodging at El Convento Hotel, in the city of Leon

Day 7:
Leon. The colonial city of Leon was founded in 1524 by the Spaniard Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba. This city was the first capital of the Sandinista Revolution when guerrilla fighters installed there the National Reconstruction Government Board on July 19, 1979, a date that commemorates the fall of the Somoza Dynasty in power for 45 years. Leon's political history, ancient and recent, is replete with important events for the country, making it a city you must see for yourself.
Lodging at El Convento Hotel in the city of Leon

Day 8:
Masaya - Granada. From Leon we depart to the ruins of Old Leon (Leon Viejo), also declared by UNESCO a Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, the site where the first Spanish colonizers settled in Nicaragua. From there we head to the town of Niquinohomo, in the Masaya district, where the National Hero, Augusto C. Sandino, was born. This visit will help us understand a little more about the environment in which our hero lived in his early years. Along the way we will make a stop at the Masaya Volcano National Park where you can see the wonders of nature inside her active crater.  We will also stop at the Handicraft Market, where you can buy gifts and typical Nicaraguan souvenirs made by hand by our hard-working craftsmen. Our final destination will be the city of Granada.
Lodging al La Gran Francia Hotel in the city of Granada

Day 9:
Granada. In the colonial city of Granada, founded by the Spaniards in 1524, you will breathe in a colonial environment that will transport you back in time to the historical-political roots linking the United States of America to Nicaraguan history, starting with the mercenary invasion led by the intellectual and pro-slavery advocate William Walker, who came to proclaim himself the First President of Nicaragua in 1854. Furthermore, you will be able to take in the natural and cultural attractions of this beautiful city, a colonial jewel of the American continent - including a boat ride through the islands of the Nicaraguan Great Lake, one of the biggest lakes in the world with an area of 8,264 square kilometres and the only lake in the world with freshwater sharks.
Lodging at La Gran Francia Hotel in the city of Granada

Day 10:
El Remanso. Land transfer to the southern Nicaragua Pacific coast, where our destination is the beautiful beach of El Remanso, a true oasis of peace. Here you can enjoy the sun and natural beauty in a practically exclusive environment, thus winding up your stay in Nicaragua in complete relaxation and spiritual enrichment.
Lodging at the Hotel Casa Prio Museum

Day 11:
Departure Transfer to Managua
After a delicious breakfast, we will head to the International Airport Augusto C. Sandino in the capital city of Managua for your return home.(B)


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