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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to bring?
2. What are the entry requirements?
3. Is it safe to travel in Nicaragua?


What to bring?
We have two different  seasons. The dry season is an advantage for travelers to get good weather, overall  warm temperatures during the day, season, also called the green season, is also pleasant for traveling, because the vegetation is lush and for the nature enthusiast, more wildlife can be observed.  Rain usually falls at the end of the afternoon or during the night as a short by heavy tropical shower. It is advised to pack light clothing, comfortable and sturdy walking shoes, swim-suit, sun blocking, including hat, flashlight,  binoculars  and  camera  (including  film- it's expensive here). 
What are the entry requirements?

To enter Nicaragua at the international airport or from any other country, the visitor must present a valid  passport  (which  does  not  expire  for  at least six months). For all nationalities a US$5.00 tourist  card  must  be  purchased upon entry (subject to change).  If you wish to extend your stay in Nicaragua longer than the allowed time (90  days) a visitor can request an extension at the immigration office in Managua.  To  leave Nicaragua  by air  at  the  International  Airport, there is currently a departure tax of US $35.00. (subject to change). 

Entry visas are not required for U.S. and European Citizens. Please consult us for restrictions to some specific countries.

Is it safe to travel in Nicaragua?

Whether in the cities or in the countryside, you will find Nicaraguans to be friendly, helpful, and accommodating hosts. Some expect otherwise, but Nicaragua is actually one of the safest countries in Latin America. As with traveling in other  developing nations, basic precautions should be taken.

Don't walk through dark places at night, keep an eye on all your belongings in public, and don't carry excessive amounts of cash.  If your credit cards  are  lost,  immediately  notify  your  credit card company representative.  A hotel taxi is the safest  private  transportation, but one can also call for a taxi from some taxi cooperative companies.

It is safer to carry a photocopy of your passport, and  use  the  original  only  when  entering  or Travel, our tour-guides are well experienced and will be aware of these basic precautions so that you can fully enjoy your vacation in Nicaragua.



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